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Celebrate the essence of the autumn season with our Ceramic Leaf-Shaped Plates, where the beauty of nature and artisan craftsmanship unite. Each plate is unique, crafted with the help of real leaves from the Tilia tree, capturing the intricate elegance of nature.


These plates bear the imprint of real leaves, allowing nature to leave its mark on each piece. The Tilia leaves give their distinctive form to the plates, creating a remarkable combination of organic beauty and ceramic artistry.


The plates are adorned with a glazing combination that mirrors the rich and warm colors of autumn. The hues of red, orange, and brown gracefully blend to evoke the cozy and comforting feeling of the fall season. These plates are more than just tableware; they are an expression of the ambiance and spirit of autumn.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these leaf-shaped plates are highly functional. They serve as unique pieces for serving appetizers, desserts, or as decorative accents,  ring dishes. Their form mimics the shape of actual leaves, enhancing the natural connection between your table setting and the great outdoors.


Size: 13x16 cm

Autumn Leaves - Tilia

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