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Set includes:

- CeramiLu incense holder

- 20x bare bamboo sticks

- 25g base neutral incense powder

- 5 g sandalwood powder

- 5 g californian white sage

- 5 g Iranian rose


* Does NOT include other plates present in the photos, only the incense holder plate.


Instructions for use 


Preparation of the paste 


- 25 g of neutral incense powder (x6 levelled tablespoons) 


- 25 ml of water + essential oils, floral waters, resins... 


Mix gradually by hand in a container to obtain a homogeneous ball of paste. 


Roll a portion of the dough around the bare bamboo stick, leaving a few cm bare. 


100% natural incense 


100% of the ingredients are of natural origin:


- Plant origin: plants, trees, from which we collect the richest parts from an aromatic point of view by simple mechanical action (wood, plants, algae) or by the action of heat (steam extraction) or by extraction with natural solvents or solvents of natural origin (water, ethanol).


- Mineral origin: rocks and pigments extracted by mechanical means or by the action of heat.


- An ecological production cycle: respect for international agreements (Washington, Cites), sites and production methods that ensure the minimum possible pollution and a process of progress. Importers of the ingredients are Encens du Monde, Aromandise or self-imported.

DIY Gift set - make your own incense

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