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Introducing Lakeshore espresso cups that capture the essence of a captivating lake and all its moods. Meticulously handcrafted, this espresso cup is skillfully molded from a unique gray concrete-like clay, exuding a raw yet sophisticated charm that speaks to your soul.

The glaze combination used for this cup is a work of art in itself, artfully recreating the mesmerizing beauty of a lake in all its ever-changing moods. From the tranquil blues of a calm morning to the deep, mysterious greens of twilight, each sip becomes a journey through the natural wonders of water and light.

The carefully curated glaze evokes the ripples of a gentle breeze, the reflections of a setting sun, and the depth of the waters, making every coffee moment a captivating experience. Whether you're seeking moments of peaceful serenity or the invigorating energy of a stormy lake, this espresso cup mirrors the many facets of nature's beauty.

Embrace the unique texture and form of this espresso cup as you cradle it in your hands, feeling the connection to the earth and the elements. It's not just a vessel for your favorite espresso; it's a tangible reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

Elevate your coffee rituals to a new level of sophistication and artistry with our Gray Concrete-Like Clay Espresso Cups. Experience the ever-changing moods of a lake with every sip, and immerse yourself in the captivating journey of nature's inspiration. Let this cup be your companion as you embark on a sensory adventure, exploring the wonders of the world, one coffee at a time.


Price for two

Diameter 6,5 cm ( 2.6 inch )

Height 5 cm ( 2 inch)

40 ml


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Espresso Cups set, Lakeshore

Artikelnummer: C_Esp_0004
Preisab CHF 20.00
exkl. MwSt
2-5 weeks to prepare
  • Dishwasher and microvawe safe.

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