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Bus stop: Balerna Bisio, BUS 2, 4, 7
From the bus stop you will see a big building with POLUS and OTIS signs. Go down the stairs and go towards through the underground passage. 

Polus Campus

Via Giuseppe Corti 5

6828 Balerna


in July move to Riva San Vitale


POLUS parking is private, so please park near the football camp. Go towards the building, the entrance to the campus is where the gate for cars and the mailbox are.

The studio is in the building C, first building entrance, PM (Piano Mezzanino/Rialzato). If the gates to the campus are closed or you have any issue finding the place please contact me.

* This is where the courses take place, this is not a showroom.

Where to buy

Have a look at the shops that carry a limited selection of my works:


Made to order

For those seeking a truly bespoke touch, we gladly accommodate personalized orders, working closely with you to create something truly extraordinary and meaningful.

In addition to our wide range of products, we are delighted to offer you the option to order wedding favors, gift sets, and other larger, personalized creations. Celebrate your special day with our thoughtfully crafted wedding favors, tailored to match your unique theme and style, making your guests feel truly cherished.

Let us be a part of your cherished moments, and together, we'll make them unforgettable.

Kiln rent

If you create ceramics and looking for a place to fire your pottery, you can rent space in my kiln. It's 60 l, 35 cm diameter. I regularely fire bisque 950C (9 CHF/kg) and 1220C (12 CHF/kg), other temparatures require filling the whole kiln.

 I speak Italian, English, German and Polish.

Work with me

I am always on the lookout for new ways to collaborate and partner with other artisans and shop owners. Whether you are looking to add unique and beautiful handmade pieces to your product line, believe that our products can complement each other and create beautiful and meaningful gift sets or are looking for a new source of handcrafted pottery for your shop, I am open to exploring opportunities for collaboration. Let's work together to bring our products and creativity to the next level.


I am open to collaborating with others who share a passion for creating unique and high-quality products. If you have complementary products that would make for an amazing gift set, I'd love to hear from you! Let's join forces to create something truly special for our customers. Contact me to discuss potential partnerships and bring our shared creativity to life.


Shop owners

I am open to sell my products in your shop for commission. My handmade ceramic items will be a great addition to your inventory and will attract customers who appreciate unique, high-quality products. If you're interested in carrying my products in your shop, please reach out to me and let's discuss the details. I look forward to working with you and growing our businesses together.



A limited selection of my handmade pottery is now available for wholesale. Each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail and made with the highest quality materials. Whether you're looking for unique serving dishes, decorative vases, or functional pieces for everyday use, my pottery offers a touch of artistry and style that your customers will love. If you're interested in offering my products in your store, please contact me to discuss the details and place your order today. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your product line with beautiful, handmade pottery. You can also check out some of the current offers on Faire.

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