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Enhance your space with the captivating aroma of incense using our Handmade Ceramic Oval Incense Holder. Crafted with skill and passion, this unique incense holder is made of black clay, giving it a distinct and elegant appearance. The half-glazed finish in a stunning green color with an oilspot effect adds a touch of natural beauty to any room.


Designed to accommodate various types of incense, the oval shape of this holder provides stability and functionality. The deep groove in the center securely holds the incense stick while allowing the ashes to fall neatly into the holder, keeping your space clean and organized.

Each piece is carefully handmade, ensuring that no two holders are exactly alike. The combination of the black clay and the green glaze creates a mesmerizing contrast, making this incense holder a true work of art.


Whether you use it for meditation, relaxation, or simply to infuse your space with a pleasant scent, our Handmade Ceramic Oval Incense Holder will elevate your incense-burning experience. It also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for those who appreciate handcrafted items and the beauty of natural materials.


Product Details:

  • Handmade ceramic oval incense holder
  • Made of black clay
  • Half-glazed with green glaze and oilspot effect
  • Accommodates various types of incense
  • Deep groove for secure placement of incense stick
  • Unique and captivating design
  • Dimensions: 7x10 cm (2.75 x 4 inch)


Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility with our Handmade Ceramic Oval Incense Holder. Let the soothing aroma of incense fill the air as you immerse yourself in moments of relaxation and serenity. Embrace the beauty of handmade ceramics and indulge in the calming ambiance created by this exquisite incense holder.


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Oval incense holder, Oilspot Black Clay

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